Reading plan

o   The agreements regarding the Reading Plan are as follows:

1)     Each country chooses a character from another country.

2)     Students are to research on the historical social and political character background in the Language and Literature class

3)     A fragment of the book or a character’s story is read in class.

4)     The characters’ values are recognized and discovered. Alternative narrations are created from the original one, etc.

5)     In collaboration with the Art teachers, illustrations, caligrams are created; recreations of chapters or scenes are to be held, based on their readings, etc.

6)     These creations (images, drawings, scultures…) are to be brought to Romania(any format, including the digital on) and are presented to all of us.

7)     Each country will make a drawing of each character, that will be included in the traditional story booklet like illustrations.

o   Once agreed on the above procedure, each country chooses their character as follows:

§  Don Quixote: BULGARIA         reading list

§  Nasreddin Hoca: ROMANÍA      Nasredding.pptx (Romania)

§  Giovanni Boccaccio: SPAIN       READING PLAN OUTLINE

                                     Humanism: Dante, Petrarca, Bocaccio

                                     The Chichibio cook

§  Yordan Radichkov: ITALY    Comenius_Reading_Plan(1).ppt(Italy)

§  Vlad Tepes: POLAND   Reading plan(Poland)

§  Nicholas Experienceky:  TURKEY  Reading Plan (Turkey)



o   Each country chooses a famous characterfrom their literature specifying the democratic values they want to deal with and present it in their own language and in English.

o   We could add activities to be performed with this character such as: calligram, poster, etc. (Voluntary activities)

o   Pupils read scenes of the chosen book, and work about it.

o   We will share through the wiki and e-mail which character each one has chosen and the activities around that character.

o   In the leaflet Spain has prepared for the first meeting there is one character for each country, but this is up to each country to choose, that is only a sample.

o   Spain proposes to  choose Don Quixote

·      who is inmortal through the eyes of a madman. Some experts classified his work as the best comical epic of mankind and others as a poetical epic of a dream.

·      It is a symbol of ideality and generosity, the spirit of what never dies in a man: love and faith.

·      Sancho Panza represents the practical spirit of life


 This will be FOCUS for the  March 2015 meeting in Romania




o   By the  meeting in Turkey this will have to be decided



All through the lifespan of the project, but the deadline is the meeting in Romania