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Minutes from the meeting in Turkey

Agenda for the Meeting in Turkey 

AGENDA FOR THE MEETING IN TURKEY  (13-14-15 October 2014)

Food and Nutrition

  • at least two recipes per section,(eggs, fish, meat,...) have to be presented. Before the meeting, a copy of the template file suggested by Spain has to be filled out.  http://iesjavirtual.es/comenius/activities/food-and-nutrition-brochure/69-cookbook-template cookbook template  Then select the different parts corresponding to your country and write your recipes in them. Finally, upload the file to the website.
  • each country should write a prologuewith the values we  work when we do the menus for our families and friends, when we eat it at a school canteen, in a restaurant,... Values such as health, fun and joy, teamwork, dedication, respect for  different tastes and traditions, tolerance with different physical appearance, etc. The best prologue will be included in the book.
  • we must decide the second part of the book. Spain proposes local cuisine recipes. Another thing is how to layout the eBook.
  • Italy proposes to include another point entitled "additional information", after "Nutritional Information" when it may be important  to point out  historical, cultural values, etc.

 Traditional Story:

                a The play:The traditional story will be related to the character each country has chosen, building in their character with the previous one, these are the characters chosen:


Spain: Don Quixote

Turkey: Nasreddin Hoca

Bulgaria: Yordan Radichkov

Romania: Vlad Tepes

Poland: Nicholas Experiensky

Italy: Giovanni Boccaccio

Spain.Don Quixote


Spain has already sent the introduction to Turkey. Don Quixote travels to all the countries and meets each character. Each country has to make up their story taking the previous dialogues so that we are building up the story adding their own.

Each country will perform their character dialogue for 10-15 minutes in their own language in Turkey, and then it will be recorded and videotaped with subtitles in English.

The following calendar has been agreed upon, to prepare the script:


Before June 3rd 2014


Before June 16th 2014


 Before June 30th 2014


 Before September 10th, 2014


 Before September 20th, 2014


Before September 30th, 2014


Video presentation

Each country has to have their character video presentation ready before the mobility of Turkey. The duration of it has to be between 8 and 10 minutes and may be recorded in English or in the original language, but it must have their subtitles in English. Have a look at the Spanish one: Don Quixote

Multimedia Phrasebook

Spanish proposal has been accepted. So each country has to translate the sentences into their own language, and add or propose changes in images or sentences or audio which they think it is more appropriate. An introduction has to be made as well with some hints on their pedagogical use. The presentation model is in .doc, please download it and modify it, if you considerer you have to do it, otherwise the Spanish model will be presented as the final work: Multimedia Phrasebook (Spain). The deadline for these changes is June 8th 2014. Spain will revise the final presentation.

 Democratic Values Leaflet/Brochure

Each country will have their leaflet or Brochure ready before June 25 and upload it on the webpage. The contents which have been agreed in Poland have to be followed for this activity. See the brochure of Spainpresented in Bulgaria. (it was also distributed in paper).

As for the leaflet, we have Bulgaria's proposal. You have minibrochures 1 to 5.

The Values Leaflet/Brochure cover contest must be decided in this meeting, in order to be able to do that each country has to select their best proposal at a National level before September 30th, following the rules which Poland has already sent us. Every country has to send the coordinator their proposal, with time enough to be uploaded.

Next mobility meeting in Romania (March 25,26 27, 2015



o   Each country chooses a famous character from their literature specifying the democratic values they want to deal with and present it in their own language and in English.

o   We could add activities to be performed with this character such as: calligram, poster, etc. (Voluntary activities)

o   Pupils read scenes of the chosen book, and work about it.

o   We will share through the wiki and e-mail which character each one has chosen and the activities around that character.

o   Spain proposes to  choose Don Quixote

·      who is inmortal through the eyes of a madman. Some experts classified his work as the best comical epic of mankind and others as a poetical epic of a dream.

·      It is a symbol of ideality and generosity, the spirit of what never dies in a man: love and faith.

·      Sancho Panza represents the practical spirit of life


 This will be FOCUS for the  March Meeting 2015 in Romania




o   By the Turkish meeting this will have to be decided.



All through the lifespan of the project, and will be the focus of the meeting in Romania



o   A song will be created based on traditional folklore

o   It will be recorded in an outside environment within emblematic, traditional places.

This will be the FOCUS for the March 2015 meeting in Romania


   The song has to be created all through the project taking into account the traditional story created and the “play”


o   By the March 2015 meeting in Romania