Comenius Day in  ZAMOŚĆ, Poland

Video Live Performance of the play "Don Quixote":


Final Mobility in Spain

May 25,26,27, 28, 2015

Schedule - programme

Products presentation

Minutes from the meeting



- On June 9th a videoconference was held with the participation of Turkey (coordinator), Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain. Even though we had technical problems, we managed to present one another and students enjoyed watching their partners in the different countries.

- On May 13 it was held a videoconferece. It was coordinated by Italy.

Due to technical problems in the coordinating country no records were recorded.

All countries except for Turkey and Poland participated and the topic was:

Final meeting in Spain

Products to be shared

Questions and final arrangements

Bulgaria is coordinating these videoconferences using Webex

-       A videoconference was held on November 25th. Minutes from this conference can be checked at:

-       Another videoconference is planned to be held  on February 10th at 11:30 Spanish time. Students are encouraged to participate as well as teachers. The topics to be dealt with in there are:

o   Developement and sharing of the Reading plan tasks. Students can share their experince working through their character’s plan, peculiarities, ideas for caligrams o drawings, etc

o   Sharing on the traditional song or flashmob experience


MARCH 22-26-2015



-       Multimedia Phrasebook:

o   Format proposed by Spain:

o   Each country will upload their final version including audio and images on their webpage, and show it in the Romanian meeting,  giving the general coordinator their link so that it can be linked from the general Comenius page:

o   It is requested to complete this task immediately, so that every country can share and show their final production during the meeting in Romania.

-       Democratic Values Brochure/Leaflet

o   Each country will upload their final version on their webpage, and show it in the Romanian meeting,  giving the general coordinator their link so that it can be linked from the general Comenius page:

o   Every country has to insert in their leaflet or brochure the winning cover from Spain.

o   It is requested to complete this task immediately, so that every country can share and show their final production.

§  Poland: leaflet

§  Bulgaria: brochure

§  Romania: leaflet

§  Turkey: leaflet

§  Italy: leaflet

§  Spain: brochure.

-       Traditional Story

o   A booklet is to be published with all the traditional stories (one per country) where Don Quixote returns to Spain after this long journey. This booklet will contain illustrations which will be elaborated within the Reading Plan, (each country will elaborate their own). Sharing of each other’s illustrations

o   Each country will upload their final version on their webpage, and show it in the Romanian meeting,  giving the general coordinator their link so that it can be linked from the general Comenius page:

o   It is necesary to rehearse and prepare in order to have it performed as a whole. It will be performed in May in Spain by students of the different countries. Each country will bring their clothing, helmet and all the necesary equipment needed, and all this will be shared if required.


-       Food and Nutrition Book

o   It was agreed, based on the amount of recipes (120) in two languages and the dificulty it carries in its perorming to publish only 60 recipes, this implies that each country will have ONE recipe per chapter. This way there will be 10 recipes per country in two languages, which will make a total of 60.

o   A one day Menu will be included per country.

o   Poland will make the layout of the food and nutrition book. Six copies will be made, which will be brought to Spain, one per country.

o   Italy’s proposal is kept. This is that each recipe will include a part with “Additional Information” where a little history of the recipe is included, as well as when it is recommended to be eaten, etc.

o   Each country will upload their final version on their webpage, and show it in the Romanian meeting,  giving the general coordinator their link so that it can be linked from the general Comenius page:

-       Reading plan

o   The agreements regarding the Reading Plan are as follows:

1)     Each country chooses a character from another country.

2)     Students are to research on the historical social and political character background in the Language and Literature class

3)     A fragment of the book or a character’s story is read in class.

4)     The characters’ values are recognized and discovered. Alternative narrations are created from the original one, etc.

5)     In collaboration with the Art teachers, illustrations, caligrams are created; recreations of chapters or scenes are to be held, based on their readings, etc.

6)     These creations (images, drawings, scultures…) are to be brought to Romania(any format, including the digital on) and are presented to all of us.

7)     Each country will make a drawing of each character, that will be included in the traditional story booklet like illustrations.

o   Once agreed on the above procedure, each country chooses their character as follows:

§  Don Quixote: BULGARIA

§  Nasreddin Hoca: ROMANÍA

§  Giovanni Boccaccio: SPAIN       READING PLAN OUTLINE

§  Yordan Radichkov: ITALY

§  Vlad Tepes: POLAND

§  Nicholas Experienceky:  TURKEY

a)   Flashmob:

o   Spain is going to create, with the help of the other countries, a song or performance like Bollywood, where more and more students are joining litle by litle.  

o   Spain will start this idea, and other countries will participate through videoconferences. There will be previous recordings on the web so that students from other countries are learning them.

o   The last day of the mobility in Spain will be performed



o   In order to prepare your last meeting in Spain, May 25, 26, 27 bear in mind when selecting your students, the following:

§  the final Sporting Competition  of Voleiball, Basketball and Football will be held.

§  the traditional stories and songs will be performed

§  all our products will be shown


Mobility 5

Minutes from  the meeting in Turkey

The 5th Comenius Meeting will be held in Turkey.


Agenda for the meeting

Presentation Deadliane 3th October Contest Rules for the Democratic Values Leaflet Cover

Tips for making a good cover: (Aquí encontrarás una presentación que incluye las normas que tiene que cumplir la cubierta que sea elegida para el folleto final de los valores democráticos). Esperemos que os sirva de ayuda  Here you will find a presentation including the cover rules for the final brochure of Democraticc Values. Hope this will help you


Easter in Poland


 Mobility 4: 

The 4th Comenius Meeting will be held in Bulgaria: General Secondary School. Private. City: sofia.  Chastno sredno ofiles/yczenia_WIelkanocne_Comenius_2014.pdfbshtoobrazovatelno Uchilishte Roerich

Information about the meeting


Mobility 3:

The 3rd Comenius Meeting will be held in Italy: Vocational and Technical Secondary School. City: Figline Valdarno. Region: Toscana. 1st Istr. Suip. G. Vasari

Information about the meeting

1rst Videoconference: March 20th at 13:00 pm (Spanish Time)

The aplication will be used. Please get familiar with WebEx meeting and the day of the conference, you will have to join the invitation Bulgaria is going to make and start chatting....

The topics to be discussed in this videoconference will be:

  • Democratic Values Questionnaire Results
  • School Regulations: A democratic instrument or a control toolkit

Information about the Videoconference

Mobility 3: Figline Valdarno (Italy) (7th,8th and 9th April 2014)

Priorities, focus and mobility programme

Book Cover Contest Winner

Instructions to write recipes in English (sample)

Instructions to write recipes in English-Spanish

Instrucciones para escribir recetas en Inglés (spanish)

Book cover contest rules for the design of the book " Food and Nutrition" (eng.)

Bases del Concurso para diseñar la cubierta del libro "Alimentación y Nutrición" (esp.)

Orientations to design a book cover

Orientación para diseñar portadas (esp.)

Cookbook template

Partnership Agreement with Leslie Sec. Sch Simnicou de Sus Locality, Doej County (Romania)


Photographic Report during Mobility 2

Agreements in Poland (feb. 2014)

Priorities and programme for Mobility 2


All the partners, teachers and students from Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Spain and Turkey are meeting in Zamosc (Polonia) from February 9th to February 12th.

Don Quixote Video Presentation from Spain

Democratic Values Presentation from Spain

Democracy Questionnaire reports 

Democracy questionnaire

Everybody in the School Communities from the Comenius Project are invited to participate in this survey concerning the importance of some democratic values for the functioning of democratic country, society and school.  The questionnaire is anonymous. You are kindly asked for accurate answers.

Wining Logo

Logo contest winners and accessits by country





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