The project will enhance pupils’ work on cultural, professional and educational connections with European partner schools in an active climate. The exchanges will give direct opportunities to experience and to use different European languages.


Pupils will prepare:


•  a Multimedia Dictionary-phrase Book with terms related to codes of conduct, values and topics of project.

•  a  food and nutrition book with an adequate balanced diet and nutrition.

•  a story telling/ a play; each country a different part or scene.

• a reading plan, using a common worksheet and common rules.

• a joint song.

•  a sports competition highlighting fair play.

•  Brochure or Leaflet on Democratic Values

• a webpage.



  Pupils, including those socially and economically disadvantaged, are involved in these exchanges and will be given opportunities to see that distance is no longer a barrier to effective and immediate communication. Pupils from all the participating schools will be given the challenges of both learning new communication skills for themselves and working in partnership with their teachers to provide exciting educational opportunities for their communities.


  This will enhance a broad understanding of European Democratic values and Cultural Diversity together with an appreciation of how communication between people and communities can be safe, fast, efficient and rewarding. It will give students the flexibility and the ability to adapt, and work in a team. Lifelong partnerships and friendships will be established to nurture and empower our youth as responsible European citizens.