IES Josefina Aldecoa is a state-run school of Secondary Education in the region of Madrid. We are located in the area of San José de Valderas, Alcorcón in the South of Madrid. The school has 1030 students of Secondary Education, A levels and Vocational Training (related to the field of Administration). Our school is almost 30 years old, with a very steady staff, very active teachers and a managing team with many years of experience. To apply for this project, we had the active participation of the school secretary, a head of studies, the head of the ICT and Mathematics departments and, also, indirectly, the departments of Biology, History, Spanish Language and English have been involved. Since 2005 our school belongs to the European Foundation for Quality Management and since 2009 we have the Charter University Erasmus. We offer a balanced curriculum combined with a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as exchanges and trips to other EU countries. Our objective is to promote friendship, tolerance and understanding at all levels through international initiatives that promote these values. Our students Will get more European awareness and share their needs, values, emotions, worries and similar passions, regardless of the origin or condition. Since our average student is mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a high index of immigrants, mainly in Secondary education, participating in this type of projects is a unique opportunity for many of them. The relationship between students and teachers in our school is very friendly and this connection is key to the development of our educational project.

Thanks to the commitment of our teachers and students with the school, we have received several awards both nationally and regionally in different fields such as science and literature. As a consequence, our students of 1st to 3rd years of Secondary Education study with digital books using tablets, a Project that has significantly improved their motivation and their results. Also, thanks to our project "Our challenge: an education bilingual and digital ", our school was selected to be part of the network of Bilingual Schools of the Community of Madrid in 2015. The fact that our center has become bilingual and digital has meant for teachers and the entire educational community that encourages us to continue looking to the future with great motivation and confidence in offering the best possible education to our students. That is the reason why we firmly believe that applying for this project would allow us to rethink methodological issues, adapt to the education of the 21st century, to the objectives of Brussels 2020 and to innovate and adapt to a rapidly changing society.







Calle Sahagún, 4, 28925 Alcorcón, Madrid