Sct Hans Skole is a public comprehensive school with approximately 800 students aged 4-16. Families take active part in school life, and cooperation between the school, the local community, educational institutions and private enterprises takes place on many levels.

The mission of our school is to support students in their development into capable, active and responsible Danish and European citizens. The local Municipality and the School Department of Odense have recently laid down a strategy with focus on processes of personal formation in educational practise.

A school development plan has been put into practise by reorganizing the lower secondary mainstream classes into classes with either an international, an innovative or a health focus from year 7. The school has an appointed coordinator of international relations and exchanges as well as a team of teachers of various subjects with experience from collaborations with partner schools abroad. By the end of class 9, students of all classes pass the same final exam with oral and written tests and an individual and crosscurricular project with a problem statement. Some students manage the project-based learning process whereas others struggle hard or even fail. A number of study skills and competences come into play: self-governance, curiosity, courage, taking ownership, perseverance, reflection, social skills, intercultural understanding, citizenship, constructive criticism competence et al. There is a need among the teachers to study these aspects further, to revise own practise, to improve the way we encourage and assist students to ask questions about the relationship of things - to move the learning from topic work to problem-based learning. It is our experience from previous projects and exchanges with partner schools that sharing and mirroring own practise with colleagues and students from abroad initiate development processes, and this Erasmus project offers to us an opportunity to do just that.


Skibhusvej 188, Odense C Denmark